Signs of Sex Addiction

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You should know when to stop or how to control your sex drive. Letting your libido rule your life may turn you into a sex addict which is not a healthy habit. This may give you serious health and mental problems in the future.

What are the signs of sex addiction? Can you identify its symptoms?

Watch this video about about sex addiction and adult toys and learn how you will know whether or not your partner is a sex addict

Sex and Alcohol

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What is the relation ship between sex and alcohol? Is it true that alcohol is an aphrodisiac?

Many couple testify that drinking alcohol boost their confidence inside the bedroom. But, there are also couples who blame alcohol for the way their sex life wane out. The truth is, the exact amount of alcohol can enhance your love life-not destroy it. To learn more about sex the role alcohol plays on it, watch this home-made video.

Penis Pumps: What You Need To Know

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Penis Pumps

Tantric Massage in LondonIf you have been wondering about the purpose of penis pumps: what you need to know is described below. The main goal of these devices is to enhance a man’s erection so that he can enjoy sex more than ever before. These useful tools have become quite popular, and they hold many wonderful benefits for men and their partners. Below, we will explore how a pump works and how it can benefit you.


A penile pump consists of two basic parts: the pump and the cylinder. However, you will also need some lubricant and a constriction band, which are included in most kits. You can choose to purchase either a manual or electric pump; however, they both basically work the same. Cylinders come in different diameters to accommodate you, and you will want to make sure that you buy the appropriate size.


It is best if you choose a cylinder that is about one quarter of an inch larger in diameter than your erection. You do not want one that is smaller or larger than this. If you do not get the appropriate size, you more than likely will not get the satisfying results that you want. Thus, always check both the size of the cylinder and your erect penis before making a purchase.


The goal of pumping is to increase blood flow to your penile region and enhance your sexual life. In most cases, erectile problems are due to a lack of proper blood flow. These devices help correct this problem. When you begin pumping, the action creates a vacuum around the penis, drawing blood to the area and creating either a temporary or even permanent enlargement.


It is essential that you use this device properly if you want it to work. Always read the directions carefully before you use one. While there are different types of these devices available, they essentially operate the same. You will need to apply some lubricant to the penile region first as well as on the tip of the cylinder. In this way, you will be able to insert yourself into the cylinder easily.


After applying the lubricant, insert your penis into the cylinder and begin pumping slowly. After a short time, stop pumping and slip the constriction band around the base of your penis. This will help maintain your erection. However, do not wear the band for more than 30 minutes at a time. When you follow these useful tips, you are sure to enhance your sexual pleasures.

Sex And Endorphins A Healthy Combination

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Sex and Endorphins

Almost every person knows about the good feeling one enjoys after finishing an exercise regime. The primary reason for enjoying this feeling is the release of the good chemicals, which are natural pain relievers. However, most people are unaware about the relationship between sex and endorphins, which provide some excellent benefits.


These biochemicals have a structure that resembles morphine and help to reduce stress and improve confidence levels. There exist at least twenty different types of endorphins within a human body and provide different advantages. These substances are released by the pituitary gland, brain, and other parts of the nervous system.


Everyone enjoys a blissful feeling after intercourse, which is the result of the body releasing these substances. You will be surprised to know that the production of the feel good chemicals can increase by as much as two hundred percent from the start to finish of sexual intercourse. Many studies show the results of orgasm and the release of these hormones.


Several researchers show these hormones are released not only through sex but also through physical contact. Therefore, individuals enjoy a feeling of well being, security, and peace after an enjoyable session of sexual intercourse. Many studies prove that these substances are also released when you laugh, which is beneficial in improving your overall health condition.


These chemicals are beneficial in people to remain young by helping slow the aging process. In addition, the lower stress levels help individuals keep major illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiac diseases away. Therefore, you are able to improve your health and enjoy a healthier and better lifestyle.


One research that studied approximately three thousand five hundred individuals, show some amazing results. The study shows that people who had intercourse four to five times per week looked ten years younger than others who have sex twice a week. Therefore, sex and endorphins are directly related and provide numerous benefits as discussed above.


Reasons Behind Some Shocking Sex And Alcohol Statistics

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Sex and Alcohol Statistics

Sex and alcohol are two intimately related issues in society. Drunkenness is commonly blamed for many sexual occurrences. Some people drink before having sex with a new partner to conquer their fears. Many researchers have come up with astonishing sex and alcohol statistics to proof the connection between the two subjects. This relationship can only be understood by exploring the relevant scientific backgrounds.

Studies have shown that around 50% of accidental sexual encounters are associated with drunkenness. Majority of the victims are the youth. The scientific explanation behind this is that the drink lowers some inhibitors in an individual. It causes a person to loosen up and become unable to resist sexual approaches. The person may also become the initiator of the sexual encounter.

Crime reports have indicated that 90% of sexual assaults have happened when the accused was drunk. Alcohol acts like a stimulant on the nervous system. It initiates the receptors which are associated with violent nature. In addition, it also inhibits some sensing receptors in the brain. As a result, a person does a regretful activity without thinking.

Several surveys have concluded that 80% of first sexual encounters happen when one of the partners is drunk. Many people have confided that they take small amounts of this stimulative drink before meeting their new partners for sex. A small intake of the drink is associated with an increased sexual desire. However, the sexual arousal decreases as an individual drinks more and more.

Over 70% of women experience lubrication difficulties when they are drunk. The drink has a dehydrating effect on the female genitals. Dehydration reduces the production of lubricating fluids. Similarly, over 60% of men have erection difficulties after drinking. The drink depresses the central nervous system slowing down human responses to sexual desire.

Medical practitioners have also found that 40% of imported people or people with erectile dysfunctions are alcoholics. Chronic drinking can result into continuous obstruction of blood supply to the penis. It also causes testicle shrinking and lowers sperm count. Other known effects of chronic drinking include reduction of testosterone in men and an increase of estrogen in females.

Other surprising sex and alcohol statistics are as follows: 81% of students have engaged in sex because of drunkenness, 60% of STDs were passed to new victims when they were drunk, and 75% of date rapists use alcohol to make their dates unconscious. The basic reason behind these statistics is that drinking impairs sexual judgment.

Sex Toy Health

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What vibrators are made from? Why silicone is best? How to clean your sex toys

Vibrators are primarily made from silicone, plastic or latex rubber. However, there are a few issues with using latex rubber and plastic toys. Because latex rubber is more porous than silicone, they can be harder to clean over time as the material starts to absorb fluids and bacteria. Your device sex toys should always be cleaned before and after use, generally with hot soapy water, however it is advisable to use a condom when using latex rubber toys to avoid absorbing fluids, and not sharing with other people. Some also find they have an allergy to latex, which can cause rashes and itching.Hard plastic toys are generally non-porous, however some latex rubber and plastic toys have been found to contain Phthalates, a chemical thought to contribute to allergies, asthma, cancer, and a plethora of other health concerns. Plastic toys can be washed with hot soapy water; however they cannot be sterilized through boiling.

Alternatively, there are a huge range of silicone sex toys out there, the best of which are those made from medical grade silicone. Medical grade silicone is the same kind of material they use to make good quality implants with, so it has to be pretty safe! Unlike latex rubber it is non-porous so much healthier to use, and can also withstand much higher levels of heat, meaning you can boil your toy to sterilize it (providing it is a non-electronic one!) Silicone is also more enjoyable to use because it heats up to body temperature really quickly, meaning it doesn’t feel so much like a foreign object. However, ensure when using silicone toys that a silicone based lubricant is not used, as the chemicals can react and degrade your toy.Silicone also transmits vibration really well.

Some newer sex toys are waterproof, making taking care of it infinitely easier. Not only does this mean you can have some fun in the bath, shower, or spa, but it also makes cleaning up super easy. Just give it a wash with hot soapy water, preferably allow it to air dry as opposed to drying with a towel or it will get all fluffy, and make sure you store it in a case or bag. You are good to go! Check Device, an online adult site for more information about sex toys.